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Australia and New Zealand Falls Prevention Conference 2018 in Hobart, Tasmania

The 8th biennial Australian and New Zealand Falls Prevention Conference was held in Hobart, Tasmania from 18th – 20th November 2018. The conference, held by the Australian New Zealand Falls Prevention Society, was a unique opportunity for those researching and working in the area of falls and falls prevention. The hugely diverse audience, ranging from university researchers, clinicians working with the community, policy makers and health promotion practitioners, ensured the presentations were extremely varied. Continue reading “Australia and New Zealand Falls Prevention Conference 2018 in Hobart, Tasmania”

Strengthen Your Legs Grants awarded

Four grants were awarded as part of the Stay On Your Feet® Strengthen Your Legs campaign. The grants aim to support community focused programs address the campaigns’ key messages. The Town of Cambridge, Goldfields Physio, the Pojulu Community of WA and the Shire of Denmark all ran programs with a focus on leg strength in older adults as part of the Strengthen Your Legs campaign. Continue reading “Strengthen Your Legs Grants awarded”

Active Balance Workshop in Geraldton

Falls and fall-related injuries place a significant burden on the health system and can have a profound and long-lasting impact on an individual and their family.

On Tuesday 4th September 2018, 19 allied health assistants and aged care workers came together in Geraldton to learn more about the link between staying active and reducing the impact and incidence of falls among older Australians through an Active Balance workshop led by Stay On Your Feet® Physiotherapist Sonya Clark. Continue reading “Active Balance Workshop in Geraldton”

Don’t let your leg strength trip you up

One in three older adults over the age of 65 years old will have a fall every year in Australia. One in three. This may have surprised you, but it shouldn’t. Most people would know someone who has experienced a fall, but it is not a health issue that is often discussed. The usual, “oh, they are getting older, so of course they are more unsteady, of course they had a fall…” is a fairly common myth, when talking about the health of our parents, grandparents, friends or neighbours. Continue reading “Don’t let your leg strength trip you up”

Getting a leg up on falls

Strong legs are important at every age and will keep you doing the things you enjoy.

Strengthen Your Legs with Julie promotes some of the different ways you can strengthen your legs to prevent falls, with a light-hearted twist through the characters Julie and her cat Tiddles. Follow Julie and Tiddles as they try their hands at different activities like tai chi, gym exercises and tennis. Continue reading “Getting a leg up on falls”

The five activities everyone is doing to prevent falls

I’ll let you in on a little secret; many older adults are being more active than ever and are keeping fit and strong doing activities they love. New research has shown that many of your favourite past times and hobbies have scientific evidence supporting the benefits of these activities on people’s health and fitness.  Five of these activities are so popular, they all have clubs and programs throughout the state, where teams and communities of older adults get together each week. Continue reading “The five activities everyone is doing to prevent falls”

Five ways you can prevent falls


Staying strong and fit doesn’t always mean marathon runs and expensive gym memberships. In fact, you don’t even have to leave the house to keep your legs strong. Stay On Your Feet® have developed a Strengthen Your Legs Exercise Flyer which has five easy leg strengthening exercises for people of all ages and abilities.


You can do these exercises from the comfort of your own home, in your living room, back garden or even kitchen. Exercises like the knee extension or the sit to stand, can be done seated while watching your favourite show, or during the commercial breaks. Just five minutes a day is all it takes to get your legs moving and keep those muscles strong.


To order your free copy of the Strengthen Your Legs Exercise flyer or for more information, please call 1300 30 35 40 or email


Strengthen Your Legs A4 flyer - front side

Make Your Home Safer campaign wrap-up

Stay On Your Feet®’s Make Your Home Safer campaign has come to a close, after a three-month focus on the importance of removing hazards in and around the home to make the home safer and reduce the risk of falls. The campaign included a number of events and activities for both health professionals and the wider community including a launch event in Mandurah, a media campaign and a forum for those working in health and community care. Continue reading “Make Your Home Safer campaign wrap-up”

Staying active during the summer

Summer time in Western Australia is a time to come together with family and friends. It is filled with school holidays, the festive season and the New Year, all happy and celebratory occasions. It is often a time where routines and habits are thrown out the window, and with extremely high temperatures, most try and stay indoors and out of the heat. But there are many ways older adults can stay active during the summer, without giving up all the social obligations of the season and without getting caught in the heat. Continue reading “Staying active during the summer”

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