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LifeFit Exercise Class

LIFEFIT classes have been designed for you to enhance your healthy lifestyle through scientific evidence based exercise programs. This low impact class aims to improve your balance, body composition, blood pressure, lean muscle mass and physical function.

Clinical Pilates

Pilates-based exercises are developed to target specific muscle groups and aim to provide stability and mobility to the many joints of the body. The many benefits of Pilates include: Restored Muscle Balance,
Increased Strength,
Increased Flexibility,
Improved Posture,
Enhanced Body Control and Cc-ordination,
Heightened Body Awareness
Clinical Pilates incorporates the principles of Physiotherapy and exercise rehabilitation with modified versions of traditional Pilates exercises.

LifeFit Exercise Class

LifeFit classes have been designed to enhance your healthy lifestyle through scientific evidence based exercise programs. The class aims to improve your body composition, blood pressure , lean muscle mass and physical function.
Exercise improves support and protection of joints with Osteoarthritis. This reduces pain; improving physical function and quality of life.

Heart Foundation Walking Groups

Heart Foundation Walking is Australia’s largest free walking community. Over the past 21 years more than 80,000 Australians have participated in Heart Foundation Walking. Join Heart Foundation Walking and take positive steps to help reduce stress, have a healthier body, build stronger relationships, and most of all, be happy. There are over 90 groups in WA.

Easy Stretch Chair Yoga & Easy Stretch Gentle Flow Yoga

Easy Stretch Chair Yoga enables you to enjoy the many benefits of Yoga without sitting or lying down on the floor. Become stronger, breathe better, improve posture, increase energy, improve balance. All poses are practiced seated or any standing poses the chair is used as aid to support balance. The class is suitable for anyone who wishes to sit, stretch, strengthen and breathe their way to a happier healthier you.. The meditation, breath and relaxation practices in this class help to ease stress and promote calmness.

Easy Stretch Gentle Flow Yoga is a yoga class that is practiced at a slower pace focusing on stretching all areas of the body, while releasing stress and tension from muscles and joints. Yoga props are used such as Yoga blocks, straps and bolsters are used to support the body to encourage it to release and open safely and comfortably. The benefits of this class are improved strength, posture, balance, flexibility, range of movement, assists in improving circulation and digestion. The meditation, breath and relaxation practices in this class help to ease stress and promote calmness.

Active Seniors Circuit

Active Seniors Circuit is a one hour freestyle group circuit class for people over 50 years of age, designed to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, endurance and flexibility.

Workouts are carefully designed by our experienced instructors to ensure classes are varied, challenging and constantly changing. Each session is fully supervised and instructors will encourage and support you while instructing you on correct technique and safety.

Sessions are available at a heavily discounted rate to ensure affordability and are held in an atmosphere that is fun, enjoyable and welcoming! A compulsory appraisal must be completed prior to taking part in the class

Sessions are on Tuesday (from 11am) and Thursday (from 10am).

Tai Chi for Health

Tai chi is a gentle form of exercise practiced by people all over the world. The Tai Chi for Health programs are suitable for just about anyone, men and women; they are easy-to-learn, safe and effective for health. No special equipment or clothing is needed; participants wear comfortable clothing and shoes such as runners. Exercises can be done standing or seated so the programs are ideal for people with restricted mobility.

Majic Movement Class

A gentle movement class based and designed on beginners yoga moves.
Chairs can be used for balance and stability.

Exercise 50+ for fun, health and fitness

‘Living Longer Living Stronger’ exercise classes for over 50’s.
Hydrotherapy for Rehabilitation and pain management.
Aquaerobics for over 50’s for fun and fitness.
‘Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention’

Tai Chi Wellness

Tai Chi helps you reconnect with your body, it helps improve your circulation, lower body strength and balance.

Tai Chi Classes available in Scarborough, Balga and Inglewood

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