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Hold a Check Your Medicines education session

The Check Your Medicines Facilitator Guide provides the tools and information you need to deliver a falls prevention education session which focuses on medications. Use the guide to run an interactive and engaging session for either individuals or groups of older adults.

Click here to download the facilitator guide and all accompanying documents.

Documents include:

Before you start, welcome the group by introducing yourself and explaining what you hope participants will get out of the session. Give your participants some context at the beginning of your presentation by providing some statistics on falls. Using the key messages, explain why checking your medicines is important in helping to prevent falls. Try to keep an open dialogue with the group and encourage everyone to share their opinions, actively participate and ask questions.

Check Your Medicines key messages:

  • Sleeping tablets increase your risk of falling.
  • Know your medicines to reduce your risk of falling.
  • Taking multiple medicines can increase your risk of falling.
  • Managing your medicines is an important part of staying healthy and independent.
  • Falls are preventable.

Check Your Medicines Calls To Action:

  • Speak to your GP or Pharmacist about a medicine review.
  • Keep track of your medications with an up to date list.
  • Speak to your GP or Pharmacist if you experience side effects or are taking sleeping tablets.
  • Before you start taking a new medicine ask your Pharmacist to explain the benefits and what side effects to watch out for.

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