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Stay On Your Feet®  runs two, three-month Move Improve Remove campaigns every year. For each campaign, a total of $15,000 and up to $5,000 per grant, is awarded to successful applicants.

Each campaign aims to raise awareness of a risk factor to reduce falls in older adults living in the community.

Check Your Medicines Grants 

The Check Your Medicines campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of checking  medicines as a strategy to reduce falls in older adults living in the community. Key target audiences are non-Aboriginal people aged 60+ years and Aboriginal people aged 45+ years.

The Check Your Medicines campaign runs from 1 February 2019 – 30 April 2019.  The campaign encourages older adults to stay healthy and independent by managing their medications. The campaign messages encourage older adults to know their medicines and the side effects which may cause a fall, to be aware of taking multiple medications, and to reduce their use of sleeping tablets.

The grants program aims to support community focused programs which address the campaigns’ key messages and calls to action.

Two grants were awarded to Canning Vale Medical Centre and the City of Armadale as part of the Check Your Medicines campaign. Both Canning Vale Medical Centre and the City of Armadale have received funding to hold events with a focus on managing medications and preventing falls.

Canning Vale Medical Centre is delivering two health education sessions, one for community members and one for health professionals. The falls prevention education day for community members will involve a collaboration of health organisations, services and speakers all discussing the importance of checking medicines and providing tips on how to manage medications. The education session for health professionals will educate nurses on the effects of medication on older adults and how medications increase falls risk. The guest speakers, a falls prevention specialist and a geriatrician, will provide the nurses with information on identifying risk factors, questionnaires for falls assessments, and referring older adults for medication reviews.

The City of Armadale are holding a Check Your Medicines seminar targeting older adults in the Armadale community. The keynote speakers, including a local community pharmacist and a geriatrician, will provide information on the side effects medications can cause and their association with falls. Special attention will be paid to sleeping pill medications and falls which occur at night and in the early morning. Participants will be given information on good sleep hygiene practices as an alternative option to sleeping pills, and will be encouraged to speak to their pharmacist for a medicine check.

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