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Move Improve Remove campaign grants

Injury Matters delivers two campaigns per year. For each campaign, a total of $15,000 and up to $5,000 per grant (plus GST), is awarded to successful applicants in Western Australia. The grants focus on modifiable risk factors for falling under the Move Your Body, Improve Your Health and Remove Hazards messages.

The next grants round will occur from September to November 2020 and will have a Remove Hazards theme. The Remove Hazards key campaign messages and calls to action focus on the importance of creating safe environments as well as looking after your eyesight and feet to prevent falls and promote healthy ageing.

Expressions of Interest for the Remove Hazards grants have now closed.

Key Messages:

  1. Make your home safer by removing hazards in and around the house.
  2. Look after your eyes and check your eyesight.
  3. Take care of your feet to help you stay active and mobile.
  4. Falls are preventable.

Calls to Action:

  1. Use the Stay On Your Feet® home safety checklist to look for hazards in and around your home.
  2. See an optometrist for eye checks every two years or if your vision changes.
  3. Check your feet and see a podiatrist if you notice any changes.
  4. Wear safe footwear that fits well.
  5. Create a falls action plan.
  6. Tell a GP if you have a fall.

Why do Injury Matters deliver a grants program?

Injury Matters, with funding from the Western Australian Department of Health, delivers the Move Improve Remove grants program to help build the capacity of health professionals and community organisations to deliver evidence-based falls prevention projects.

The capacity building nature of the project allows Injury Matters to support groups and foster skills among applicants via coaching. This coaching process includes support regarding the identification of need, development of a project, implementation strategies and evaluation.  The grants program also contributes to increasing awareness among community members of falls prevention strategies.


Injury Matters will award up to $5,000 (plus GST) per grant, for eligible organisations and community groups to deliver falls prevention projects within their community. Applicants do not need to apply for the full amount and are encouraged to seek in-kind support where possible to allow opportunities for additional projects to be funded.

Why apply for a grant?

The Move Improve Remove grants program provides groups and organisations with the opportunity to deliver falls prevention programs within their community, which directly support older adults. Grant-funded programs may be appropriate for filling a gap in services, increasing access to services, or improving falls prevention systems. Using grant funding to pilot a new program allows applicants to demonstrate the viability and effectiveness of a program, which can assist with obtaining ongoing funding for the activity.

Application process

Applicants are invited to complete an expression of interest four months prior to the program delivery period. This allows sufficient time to apply, receive coaching, for assessment of applications against selection criteria and to receive grant funds in time to deliver the project.

What we are looking for in applications

  • Proven strategies for reducing falls in older adults.
  • Grants which focus on the Stay On Your Feet®campaigns key messages and calls to action.
  • Collaboration among organisations and community groups.
  • Sustainability – programs that could be extended past the grant-funding period without additional Stay On Your Feet®
  • Programs focused on diverse populations including people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people with a disability, or socially isolated groups.
  • Applications that fill a gap within your community.

How Injury Matters can help

Applicants are encouraged to contact Injury Matters during the EOI stage to discuss grant ideas and receive guidance on how to optimise their application. Injury Matters provide coaching and support for all shortlisted applicants for areas including program planning, implementation and evaluation.

Injury Matters wants to promote the great activities being delivered around WA and will work with grant winners on media releases, articles and promotional opportunities as appropriate.

Want to know more?

Watch our video below for more insight into the Remove Hazards messaging, the grant application process and what we’re looking for in your application.

Future grant opportunities

Move Your Body March – May 2021 Open October 2020
Improve Your Health September – November 2021 Open April 2021
Remove Hazards March – May 2022 Open October 2021

Stay On Your Feet® is provided by Injury Matters and funded by the Western Australian Department of Health.

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