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The Stay On Your Feet®  Move Improve Remove, Strengthen Your Legs Campaign which from Wednesday 5 September to Friday 30 November 2018 has now come to a close.

Keep an eye out for the Check Your Medicines campaign, launching on Friday 1 February. Visit the events calendar to find out how you can attend.

The Strengthen Your Legs campaign looked at the importance of strong legs at all ages to prevent falls and aims to encourage older adults to find leg strengthening activities they enjoy. As part of ageing, older adults may experience changes in their leg strength which can put them at risk of a fall, including loss of muscle mass and not being able produce force quickly enough to stop a trip turning into a fall. When strength training is done regularly and resistance is gradually made harder older adults have shown a significant increase in muscle strength and found it easier to complete daily tasks.

The campaign includes information for older adults who are already active, as well as older adults who may be less active than they previously were and can benefit from strengthening their legs to help them regain independence. Older adults are encouraged to take steps to find activities they enjoy to help them stay active and independent.

For health and community workers helping older adults to stay healthy and independent for longer, the campaign offered information and resources which describe simple, enjoyable and low cost options for improving leg strength.

The Strengthen Your Legs campaign toolkit

The Strengthen Your Legs campaign toolkit is your one stop shop for getting involved in the campaign. The toolkit includes:

• The campaigns key messages and calls to action and how you can promote them, including e-mail signatures and ready to use posts and images for social media.
• Tips on hosting and promoting your own Strengthen Your Legs event, including an easy to use educator guide.
• The new animation, Strengthen Your Legs with Julie and borrow a promotional display.
• Free brochures and booklets to share with older adults.
• How to invite Stay On Your Feet® to attend your event or deliver a presentation to your group.

Click here to download the toolkit and get involved in the Strengthen Your Legs campaign.


Strengthen Your Legs with Julie

Strengthen Your Legs with Julie, the new animation which launched with the Strengthen Your Legs campaign, promotes some of the different ways older adults can strengthen their legs to prevent falls, with a light-hearted twist through the characters Julie and her cat Tiddles.

Strengthen Your Legs with Julie can be watched on the Stay On Your Feet® website at or played through YouTube for those with a Smart TV. For a USB copy to be used in your workplace contact

Free Strengthen Your Legs resources

The Strengthen Your Legs campaign promotes several resources which can be used by older adults to help them to strengthen their legs and build their balance. The Move Your Body brochure provides great information on the importance of leg strength and good balance for preventing falls, and the Strengthen Your Legs and Build Your Balance flyers are full of simple exercises older adults can do in the comfort of their own home, with tips to make them harder as they get stronger.

These and a range of other resources to prevent slips, trips and falls are available to order and are delivered free of charge by visiting

Borrow a Move Your Body promotional display

Organisations are invited to borrow a Move Your Body promotional display to use as a display at your organisation or event for up to four weeks. The 1.6m tall display has a pocket to hold the Stay On Your Feet® Strengthen Your Legs exercise flyer. Complete the online booking form or call 1300 30 35 40.

Have Stay On Your Feet® attend or help promote your event

The team at Injury Matters, both staff and peer educators are available to attend community events such as expo’s, fairs and open days. We are able to hold short presentations and set up and host display tables across Perth, and with sufficient notice and availability in regional locations. 

If you are holding a Strengthen Your Legs or falls prevention even that is open to the public let us know, we can help to promote your event to older adults in your community. E-mail to find out more.

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