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Welcome to Stay On Your Feet®. Information and resources to prevent falls and keep you active, because falls are preventable no matter what age you are.

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Training videos

The ICCWA films the Falls Management Lecture Series 2015 at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital (SCGH) as well as other professional development events and presentations.


Move your body:

Assessment tools and exercise prescription
Part 1 Falls prevention for older adults
Part 2 Falls prevention for older adults
Improve you balance walk tall be active
Build Your Balance campaign video
Build Your Balance campaign launch event presentation

Improve your health:

Don’t let medications trip you up
Manage your medicines, manage your health
Check Your Medicines campaign video
Check Your Medicines Toolkit demonstration video

Remove hazards:

Visual impairment
Make Your Home Safer campaign video
Role of podiatry in falls


Patient’s perspective of falls in hospital
Dr Nic Waldron -Trend in hip fracture incidence
Jacqueline Close -The challenges of operationalising the evidence in falls and injury prevention
Stephen Lord – cognition, risk taking and fear of falling: recent findings from NeuRA fall risk factor and intervention studies
Best practice for media materials
Falls prevention training session development of a falls framework for Bethanie Residential Aged Care
Mental health and falls
Role of patient education and falls
Cochran review presentation
Motivation interview and falls
 Is WA in a crisis?
 Technology and falls
 Fits, faints and funny turns
 Delirium and falls
 Dementia and falls
 Joining Forces On Falls Prevention

To attend future SCGH lectures or other sessions in person. Please ensure you are on the falls prevention eNews mailing list below to find out what the next lecture topic will be and how you can attend.

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