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What is the facilitator guide?

Injury Matters has created facilitator guides to assist you to deliver Stay On Your Feet® education sessions to older adults in the community.  The guides focus on the Move Improve Remove campaign themes and give a practical guide to follow and tools to use to deliver an informative presentation. Facilitator guides include session plans, PowerPoint presentations, useful resources to print and order before your session, quizzes, and evaluation forms.

When holding a session with older adults remember to make your session interactive:

A group session allows older adults to learn in a variety of ways using different styles of learning.

Interactive activities in a group session can be a great way for adults to learn and retain information. Some examples include:

  • Ask the group to answer questions or give their input on topics or share their life experiences
  • Use a mix of sensory stimulation aids such as pictures, videos or computer presentations such as PowerPoints with diagrams and models

How can you use the educator guide?

  • As a standalone group session
  • As a topic of interest at the beginning or end of a regular group that already exists such as a balance and strength class
  • As a presentation to local community groups or centres (e.g. libraries) to raise community awareness of your services.
  • One on one with an older adult
  • Group sessions can also be adapted for delivery to carers or staff such as other health or community care professionals working in your organisation.

The below facilitator guides are available for download:

NEW! Check Your Medicines Facilitator Guide

View the Move Your Body Facilitator Guide

View the Make Your Home Safer Facilitator Guide

View the Fuel Your Body Facilitator Guide

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