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Fuel Your Body facilitator guide

The Fuel Your Body facilitator guide provides a guide to delivering the following key messages in a  fun and interactive presentation.

Key messages:

  • Eat regular meals and snacks to stay strong and fuel your body
  • Make sure every meal or snack is made up of nutritious foods from the five food groups to keep your body working well
  • Drink more water to help you stay healthy and active
  • Drink less alcohol to keep your brain and body healthy

Download the Fuel Your Body facilitator guide.

New resources 

A new  Fuel Your Body Booklet is available which can assist you to help create discussion and encourage reflection about good nutrition, hydration and responsible alcohol consumption in your presentation.  The Stay On Your Feet® program also has additional free resources that can be downloaded or ordered through our Online ordering system.

Here is a list of the resources you may want to use that we have referred to throughout the toolkit:

Other useful resources: 

Are you interested in evaluating your presentation?

Evaluating your presentation is valuable to determine what the group gained from attending, what worked well, and what could be improved. Evaluation forms have been provided for you to use. By completing the forms and returning them to the Stay On Your Feet® team, you and your participants will go into the draw to win a prize.


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