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Physical activity for older adults

What information can I give to older adults to help them become more physically active?

Choose health: Be active – A physical activity guide for older Australians

Tips and ideas for older Australians (65 years and older)


Exercise is generally safe and beneficial for older adults, even those with chronic health conditions. Therefore, before starting an exercise program, older people should be screened to assess whether they need medical clearance before exercising. Older people with health problems that affect their ability to exercise safely might be more likely to require guidance from a health professional or other qualified exercise leader when starting a new exercise program.

Should older adults be encouraged to participate in recreational activities?

The Personal Choice Report developed by Injury Matters’ Stay On Your Feet® team provides information on the benefits of existing popular, cultural and age appropriate recreational activities in increasing balance and preventing falls.

Overall the Personal Choice Report supports that there is a positive relationship between participation in recreational activity and improvements in balance. The eleven recreational activities included in the report are diverse and therefore there are unique benefits associated with participation in each activity. 

View the Personal Choice Report to learn about the potential benefits recreational activities have in preventing falls.

Physical and recreational activities that include challenges to an older adult’s balance and strength are most effective at reducing their risk of falls.

Find out more information about why balance and strength are key to preventing falls and how to support older adults to build their balance and strengthen their legs.

You can also download the Stay On Your Feet®  balance  and strength exercise flyers or order printed copies through our order and download resources page.

Build Your Balance A4 flyer                                   Strengthen Your Legs A4 flyer

Build Your Balance A4 flyer          Strengthen Your Legs A4 flyer

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