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Move Your Body

Move Your Body

Moving your body will improve your balance and posture, strengthen your muscles and bones and improve your overall fitness and general well being. You can help to move your body by building you balance and strengthening you legs.

Build Your Balance

Balance is the ability to stand, walk, and climb stairs, play sports or dance without falling over. It requires different parts of your body to work together including your skin, muscles, joints, eyes, ear and brain.

Building your balance is the best way to avoid a fall.

How can I build my balance?

  • Many activities such as tai chi, tennis or lawn bowls which involve leaning forwards, backwards or to the side can help build your balance.
  • Exercises which build your balance include safely standing on one leg, stepping over objects or walking heel to toe.
  • If you have any concerns about your balance it is best to speak to your GP next time you go for a visit.
  • Contact the Stay On Your Feet® team for more information about community activities to improve your balance.

Who can help?

Male older adult doing tai chi

Strengthen Your Legs

Muscles, bones and joints start to deteriorate as we get older.

Maintaining strong muscles, bones and joints in your legs will help you avoid slips, trips and falls and allow you to maintain your movement and flexibility.

How can I strengthen my legs?

  • Make your leg muscles and bones stronger with exercises like standing up from your chair without using your hands or take part in activities using light weights at home or at the gym.
  • Tasks such as gardening and cleaning can help keep your muscles working and your body strong.
  • Ask your physiotherapist, GP or local recreation centre for advice on suitable exercises for you.

Who can help?

old adult doing leg exercises on a fit ball

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