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Welcome to Stay On Your Feet®. Information and resources to prevent falls and keep you active, because falls are preventable no matter what age you are.

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Information for over 60’s

Falls can happen to us at any age; however, changes we go through as we get older can put us more at risk of having a fall. The good news is that falls are preventable no matter your age, and Stay On Your Feet® has simple tips and tools you can use to keep you active and on your feet.

Use the buttons below or the drop down menu down the side of the page to navigate through our three simple steps to prevent falls; by moving your body, improving your health and removing hazards.

You can also find great information on what can cause falls, what to do if you have a fall and how you can keep up to date with information from Stay On Your Feet®.


Have you heard about the Check Your Medicines campaign?

The Stay On Your Feet®  Check Your Medicines campaign runs from 1 February to 30 April 2019. Check Your Medicines looks at the importance of good medication management as a strategy to reduce falls risk.

As you age, you may experience changes which mean that you need to take medications, and in some cases, multiple medications. Getting older also increases your body’s responsiveness to both the effects of medications and any side effects they may cause. The campaign encourages you to understand your medicines and their potential side effects, and identifies steps to manage your medicines. Click here to visit the Improve Your Health page to find out how you can manage your medicines to prevent falls.

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Check Your Medicines with Nancy

Check Your Medicines with Nancy, the new animation which launched with the Check Your Medicines campaign, follows Nancy as she takes step to manage her medications and improve her health. Check Your Medicines with Nancy provides simple information and tips on how to reduce your risk of medicine-related falls, with a light-hearted twist through the character Nancy and her dog Bailey.

Check Your Medicines with Nancy can be watched below or played through YouTube.

Book a free Check Your Medicines community presentation

Injury Matters has a wonderful team of peer educators who love coming out to community groups and organisations and having a chat. They provide free presentations around the Perth metro and Bunbury areas on how to stay strong and independent to prevent falls. They are trained in a number of topics and can talk about how to Check Your Medicines, as well as other ways you can prevent falls.

 To request a Stay On Your Feet® presentation, click here, contact 1300 30 35 40 or email

 If you are outside of the Perth metro and Bunbury areas you can use our pre-recorded Move Improve Remove community presentation video to hold a Stay On Your Feet® presentation for your community.

 If you would prefer to do the talking, the Check Your Medicines facilitator guide gives you all the tools and information you need including a PowerPoint presentation and session guides. View the facilitator guide here.

Check Your Medicines resources

The Stay On Your Feet® Check Your Medicines brochure and medicine bag are two great free resources which can help you to manage your medicines. The Check Your Medicines brochure highlights the importance of knowing and understanding the medicines you take and provides simple tips on how to manage your medicines. Our brand new Check Your Medicines bag is a useful resource which you can use to have your medicines checked by your GP or Pharmacist. Simply put all medications into the bag (this includes non-prescription medicines such as over-the-counter medication and vitamins) and bring them in for your next appointment or visit.

Check Your Medicines flyer

NEW! Check Your Medicines bag


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