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Improving Your Health at Home with Jo Godecke

Our Injury Prevention Officer, Sophie Leonard, chats with our Jo Godecke about how she’s keeping her body and mind healthy during our current isolation situation!

From connecting with her family and friends using technology, making sure her medicines are in check, and fuelling her body with nutritious foods, Jo also shared her favourite recipe with us! Lots of healthy oils and fiber, Jo often makes a large batch to keep in the fridge as a go-to, easy meal. Find her recipe below. Continue reading “Improving Your Health at Home with Jo Godecke”

Benefits of Moving Your Body to Prevent Falls

It can be challenging to stay motivated when starting physical activity. Between the weather, aches, and the other to-dos on your list, moving your body can feel more like a chore than a fun activity. That is why it’s a great idea to have a friend or group to encourage you to stay active.

Moving your body well and regularly is the best way to develop strong legs and good balance. Strong legs and good balance are needed to do your everyday activities, such as shopping, gardening, and playing with your grandkids. Read on to find out more benefits of moving your body. Continue reading “Benefits of Moving Your Body to Prevent Falls”

Find an Activity you Love to Prevent Falls

There are plenty of enjoyable ways you can stay active and prevent slips, trips and falls by moving your body. The secret to committing to making your body stronger and balance better is finding an activity you genuinely love to do. This way, you stay motivated to keep active, have fun, and stay connected within the community.

Sports such as dancing, lawn bowls, swimming, tennis and golf have many healthy ageing benefits, including helping participants avoid falls. You can find an exercise class near you on the Stay On Your Feet® e-Directory, or contact a local sports club like the ones below. Continue reading “Find an Activity you Love to Prevent Falls”

Everyday Use of Strength and Balance

Everyday activities can help you move your body to strong. Common everyday tasks can help maintain your mobility while also challenging your strength and balance. Check out the suggestions below for activities that can improve your strength and balance. As a reminder, when starting a new activity, it is important to listen to your body and not overdo it to prevent injuries. Continue reading “Everyday Use of Strength and Balance”

2019 Western Australian Falls Report

Through the Stay On Your Feet® program, Injury Matters has developed the inaugural Western Australian Falls Report.

This report provides one document that captures the incidence of falls-related fatalities, hospitalisations, emergency department attendances and ambulance transportations due to falls in WA. The findings indicate that a Western Australian dies from a fall every 26 hours, is hospitalised due to a falls-related incident every 20 minutes and attends an emergency department every 12 minutes as the result of a fall. Continue reading “2019 Western Australian Falls Report”

Stay On Your Feet® is provided by Injury Matters and funded by the Western Australian Department of Health.

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