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Enjoy a coffee and lower your risk of having a fall

Older adults who drink coffee in moderation had lower risk of falls and fall-related injuries according to a recent study in the UK and Spain.

The Good News

Key findings show that coffee in moderation:

  • Improves attention, increasing awareness of surroundings
  • Reduces mental fatigue making it easy to focus on tasks
  • Improves reaction time which assists in responding to hazards
  • Slows muscle ageing which helps maintain strength and balance

Some Not so Good News

Too much of a good thing can have unwanted and sometimes harmful effects. Excess coffee can contribute to factors that may increase your risk of a fall.

  • Excess coffee consumption can increase urination and loss of fluid from the body which can result in headaches, dizziness, and muscle cramps
  • Replacing healthy snacks with coffee can result in less calcium intake that may contribute to osteoporosis and increase fracture risk
  • Excess coffee can cause insomnia leaving you feeling tired during the day resulting in lack of alertness and poor attention.


Research indicates 400mg per day or less is the preferred dose of caffeine for the general population.

Serving size Caffeine content
Espresso 30mL 64mg
Instant coffee 237mL 62mg
Decaf coffee 237mL 2mg
Black tea 237mL 47mg
Chocolate bar (milk) 50g 10mg
Chocolate bar (dark) 55g 40-50mg

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