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Find an Activity you Love to Prevent Falls

There are plenty of enjoyable ways you can stay active and prevent slips, trips and falls by moving your body. The secret to committing to making your body stronger and balance better is finding an activity you genuinely love to do. This way, you stay motivated to keep active, have fun, and stay connected within the community.

Sports such as dancing, lawn bowls, swimming, tennis and golf have many healthy ageing benefits, including helping participants avoid falls. You can find an exercise class near you on the Stay On Your Feet® e-Directory, or contact a local sports club like the ones below.


Ballroom dancing often involves standing on one leg, moving the body in multiple positions and counter-balance, which develops balance, posture and stability. Dancing involves supporting another person’s weight, changing direction, and quick movements, like jumping, pushing and pulling, which require strength in the core and good body awareness. Learning choreography also requires, and builds, flexibility, agility and coordination – which are great for falls prevention.

Find a class or a social dance in Perth or regional WA visit

Lawn Bowls

Lawn bowls is a robust social sport that helps you stay connected with friends, alongside building your balance. Lawn bowls involve repetitive movements and prolonged standing, which helps develop muscular endurance. The sport also requires you to transfer your weight between your feet, balance your body, and bend down to roll the bowl or pick it up – all great for challenging your balance.

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Swimming requires coordination of the upper and lower body to ensure swimming strokes to complete in good form, as well as timing for breathing. Flexibility in the muscles and joints aids the range of movement necessary to complete swimming strokes. Swimming also requires upper arm, core and leg strength to guide the swimmer through the water – essential muscle groups that maintain your balance while on your feet.

To learn how to swim, speak to your local council about classes, or to join an adult’s recreational swimming club contact Masters Swimming WA on 9328 9469 or visit Club-Contacts



Playing tennis requires you to take off and land on one foot, counter-balance and control your body, all of which challenge your balance. Tennis keeps the core, arms and lower body strong, so you can hit the ball more efficiently while maintaining your balance. Tennis also supports coordination of the hands and eyes and the lower and upper body to hit the ball with accuracy and speed.

To get involved with tennis, visit or speak to your local council to find a public court near you.


Playing golf is a great, relaxed way to stay active. Golf uses hand-eye coordination and synchronization of the lower and upper body by shifting body weight and rotating the trunk through the swing. Strength around the core, hips, pelvis and lower back are essential for an effective swing; as well as flexibility in the mid-section, shoulders and hips.

To find a golf club or classes near you visit get-started/welcome-to-golf

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